KEEP OUT is a horror and mystery puzzle adventure game.

A whole story of KEEP OUT is from Devota Hill in 2044, in which players become "Mr.M", the toy of a wise and benevolent monarch, to unravel the secrets of Devota Hill and HumathScience.


An announcement surprised the world
In 2035, a remarkable presentation begins at a press conference held in the hall of Humath Science.INC  

"Benjamin Gunn : We've opened up a new era of RIoT, beyond the age of the traditional IoT. Artificial intelligence applied to our new RIoT technology is not the intelligence of "artificial" but the intelligence of the "real" that acts autonomously.  Through sufficient research of Humath laboratory...."

Since the release of Humath Science, forces opposed to having intelligence have sparked protests around the world against RIoT systems, and Humath Science has announced that the intelligence applied to the RIoT system is not equipped with any network devices, and that accidents that occur in the mismatch between humanity and RIoT's goals, as shown in sci-fi films, will never happen, nor will they harm humans or any other creatures.

Despite humath science's ongoing announcement that there are enough devices to respond to all possible problems and variables, the RIo system's counter-protest never stopped, and humath science agreed to gradually expand the range of things from small  toys under the control of Humath Science, with the consent of the villagers of Devota Hill near its laboratory.

Live moving toys

Humath Science's RIoT system has been successfully realized even protester are still doubts and worries about it. Intelligent toys were not violent at all as studied/planned by Humath science, especially because they were favorable to humans and had no uncontrol matters are existed over them, so the villagers happily adapted to the coexistence of living with moving toys.

The children were enthusiastic. They thought that their favorite toys are alive and moving!
The toys have become friends with pure children in the form of their own games, anime, and cartoon series.

Things that shouldn't have happened

World was seeing to the positive effects of RIoT technology, where all the inhabitants of the village were satisfied with no accidents. One day, explosion sounded came out from the outskirts of Devota Hill, armed men began take over the village. Their purpose is only one thing: the interruption of the RIoT system and the disposal of all objects with the RIoT system.

The terrorists relentlessly pressed Humath science's research institute, and their actions were out of control, including taking the people of Devota Hill hostage. There was only one way to stop them, but Humath Science strongly responded that the idea of scrapping toys with the RIoT system is like murder.

As a result, devota Hill, a conflict between mercenaries and terrorists in private military enterprises under humath science, has become like a battlefield. Contrary to humath science's publication, villagers who were threatened with survival were forced to kill toys with RIoT systems to survive.

KEEP OUT tells the story of Mr. M, the monarch of toys that survived the mercy killing spree. What will happen next among Humath science, villagers, terrorists, and toys?



Head of 3D Art



Level Design



Players explore Devota Hill by manipulating Mr.M in 3D, cross-scroll (side) views.
You may have to fight, dodge, or sometimes get stuck against aggressive rats, drones flying around town, human beings who kill animated toys, and other aggressive toys that don't serve the benevolent lord Mr.M. Sometimes you have to use parts of the toy that were killed to survive.
Weaveractive team is planning keep OUT to be playable for about 3-4 hours when playing normally.


The animals at Devota Hill are vicious for some reason.
Dogs roam the town with their leash loose and rats guard the aisle swaying. They don’t let you stay moving. The players can run at high speed and avoid areas where animals cannot enter. Of course, there are ways to distract and pass quietly.

It is early to say, you are safe if you’ve avoided the wild animals!
There are drones navigating small gaps through the buildings of Devota Hill. Don't ignore it because it's small. The drone stuns the toy with a powerful laser, dragging it away from a terrifying human being, or even letting a giant human know the location of the toy.


(Animation such as "Fairy Cake," "Moonlit" and "Escape from Features!" in the description only exists in KEEP OUT’s worldview)


Mr. M. is a benevolent monarch character from the famous fairy tale series <Fairy Cake>.
Mr.M, the player manipulates, is a sixth-generation figure that appeared in Fairy Cake: Beyond the Edge, one of the many-designed figures for generations.

"You should bless but not curse those who persecute you."
Episode 7 <Fairy Cake : Beyond the edge>



Nocturne is a mysterious toy. He is not even attacked by drones for some reason. He only appeared briefly in the animated series "Who are you?" in the 23rd episode of Moonlit, but he gained huge popularity because of his style.

CPT. James

CPT. James is a brave and vicious pirate captain in <Escape from pirates!> This is the first figure in <Escape from pirates!> series. As a vicious pirate captain, he doesn't like a benevolent monarch Mr. M.

"Who you called this coward a King who hides behind the soldiers and barks toward them?"

Episode 12 <Escape from pirates!>


Wolf, who follows Mr.M well, is a dog character from <Fairy Cake: Sunday Morning]. A stupid but Wolf pretends to not be stupid at Mr.M's side.
A limited-edition figure released at a famous fast food restaurant as a Christmas event.


SOMEE is a desert fox character who lives in snowfields and became the president of children around the world on an online video streaming site. He is currently a member of Humath Science's marketing department and is active as a representative character in Humath science public relations.

More Toys

In addition to the toys introduced, a variety of toys are featured throughout Devota Hill. Most of them were killed by humans, but each surviving toy plays an important role, and it can help Mr.M or be hostile.


Devota Hill

There are religious facilities that can be a relief for toys that are always threatened with survival. The stained glass, made of cellopanis, illuminates Devota hill's toys for serenity. The boxes of famous courier companies have been modified and handcrafted by toys, and paper chairs are also made by them.

Exercise is a really important factor for toys who spend most of their time indoors.
Under the guidance of the trainer "Wrestler", who is famous for toys, the toys work hard against external threats.

The bathtub of an abandoned house has been transformed into a deep sea. Most of the time, no one go around except for a scuba toy who is looking for usable parts and treasures. Maybe players can find helpful items or clues.

Vivarium where the lizards were raised, the outrageous dinosaur figures lives only.
With its powerful resin, it's hard to survive if you're bitten by this dinosaur figure.

The abandoned freezer frozen as like a snowfield. Maybe you'll encounter a polar bear figure!

Devota Hill is made up of interesting environments created by the coexistence of humans and toys.
Mr.M is threatened or helped in this environment. You are the lord of toys. With all your toys paying attention to you, think only about salvaging the world of threatened toys!

KEEP OUT will distribute through STEAM (Valve Inc.) with the PC platform as a priority.
After the release of the PC version, it will also be released on console devices such as
PS4 and XBOX. Currently, KEEP OUT is being developed with the Korean version as a priority, and will be localized (Italian, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc.) depending on the situation.
Weaveractive Team is committed to developing life-like toys and Mr.M's stories in Devota Hill through realistic poetry and auditory effects.


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